Drying Kolor With Gas Tankless Water Heater

Did you know that water heater have more function rather than only heat the water? Here is the new experience you should know about this method of tankless water heater it.

I am in rush, yes traffic jam killing me. Most of my time is lost in traffic. Make me growing up on the street. They took my time about 5 to 7 hours a day just to sit in car and enjoy the traffic jam in the city.

Today, I have early meeting. Working as freelance in few big industries make me dizzy. But that worth to do, I need money from them and they paid me a lot for maintaining their website. Yes, I woke up late and most worst thing is I ran out underwear. I do not have a clean KOLOR.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit cold and still wet kolor on the popoean. I have a gas best tankless water heater too. I try to pick it up and place it on the cover of the device and take a bath.

And yes, my experiment work. After bath I found a dry, clean and nice Kolor to wear today. This is little different rather than other tankless wAter heater reviews you can found online. And now you know that things have a lot functions that not described in the box or maybe the manufacturer doesn’t know the feature is exist.